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In the month of May in the year 1994, a chinese vietnamese baby was born in the glamorous city of San Jose, California. Zeus personally named the child, Jeffrey, and sent him on a journey...

heh (:

I really love all my friends.

I feel that people, especially around my age group, feel the need to add and “make” friends with as many people as they can, yet they don’t actually connect. I still talk to my friends from¬†kindergarden, from 4th grade, from middle school and so forth. That may not sound impressive, but I had to move from San Jose to Los Angeles than to San Diego many times over. I don’t regret any move though because everywhere I lived has allowed me to understand people better and has helped to refine me. I think my life has been relatively successful and I hope to continue to make progress in life. I hope to read good books and watch good movies and eat good food. I know my friends will be there to enjoy these blessings with me.¬†

Thanks guys.

2 years ago
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